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Welcome to our Recreational listings. If you do not find a property below that suits your needs, please send us an email and we will find the property you are looking for.

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Listing No. 2205
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $29,900.00
Location: Chesuncook Lake PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 2325
Bedrooms 1
Listing Price: $59,900.00
Location: Hersey Township

Listing No. 2324
Bedrooms 3
Listing Price: $69,900.00

Listing No. 2194
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $84,900.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake

Listing No. 3082-H
Listing Price: $90,000.00
Location: Pemadumcook Lake

Listing No. 2213
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $99,900.00
Location: Nesowadnehunk Lake - PRICE REDUCED

Listing No. 3082-E
Listing Price: $109,000.00
Location: Indian Purchase 4 Township

Listing No. 3082-I
Listing Price: $110,000.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake,

Listing No. 3082-F
Listing Price: $124,000.00
Location: T1 R9 WELS

Listing No. 2319
Bedrooms 3
Listing Price: $139,900.00
Location: T1R10 WELS Pemadumcook Lake

Listing No. 2182
Bedrooms 3
Listing Price: $159,000.00
Location: Hurd Pond, T2 R10 WELS

Listing No. 2340
Bedrooms 1
Listing Price: $169,000.00
Location: Mt. Chase

Listing No. 2301
Bedrooms 1
Listing Price: $225,000.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake, T1 R9 WELS

Listing No. 2321
Bedrooms 2-3
Listing Price: $250,000.00

Listing No. 2322
Bedrooms 4
Listing Price: $259,900.00
Location: Millinocket Lake, T1 R8 WELS

Listing No. 2291
Listing Price: $297,000.00

Listing No. 2310
Bedrooms 4
Listing Price: $349,900.00
Location: Cedar Lake

Listing No. 3091
Bedrooms 1
Listing Price: $350,000.00
Location: Ambajejus Lake, T1 R9 WELS

Listing No. 2305
Bedrooms 5
Listing Price: $360,000.00
Location: Lincoln

Listing No. 2317
Bedrooms 2
Listing Price: $479,900.00
Location: T1 R8 WELS, Millinocket Lake Accepting reasonable offers!

Listing No. 2198
Bedrooms Four
Listing Price: $625,000.00
Location: T1 R9 WELS Ambajejus Lake

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